Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents

Partners of Homeward Real Estate have found the marketing tools that we provide to agents to be extremely useful. We continually recruit agents and work with them to help them build websites, drip campaigns, and visual photo and video assets amongst other things. The CRM software we provide that helps agents manage leads and organize online forms and signatures is unrivaled in the industry, making our real estate office one of the best to work for in Tampa.

Outside of these essential resources provided by Homeward Real Estate, here are some simple marketing tactics that you can use on your own to help promote your real estate business and generate leads. 

Social Marketing

Setting up social media accounts on the major platforms that include Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and Instagram gives past and future clients an additional opportunity to interact with you and provide one more place where they can see your name on a recurring basis. Even if you hate everything about social media, simply having an account and posting every several weeks will give you a big advantage over agents who aren’t on social media.

Have A Website

Having a personal website is a crucial part of marketing your brand. Homeward Real Estate has grown to a point where we can provide agents with the resources to build their own domain and manage a simple website to show clients what you have to offer. Be sure to include contact forms in as many places as you can, and feel free to include listings on your site as well. 

Improve Your Business Card

Spending a little extra money on high-quality business cards and liberally handing them out can make a difference over time. Make sure that your contact information is easily legible and that you are handing them out at any possible instance that fits naturally into conversation. Even if that person isn’t planning on buying or selling a home in the near future, if you leave a positive first impression, they could use the information on your business card to relay along to a friend.


Even if you haven’t been an agent for very long, you are an expert in your field, and you know much more about real estate than the majority of the population. Providing valuable content to home buyers and sellers can move traffic to your site from social media and other marketing channels to help generate new leads and acquire more clients. Blogging about current, local real estate topics here in Florida will add even more value to your site and help you find local buyers and sellers while doing minimum work. Brainstorming a list of blog topics is a great place to start. 

Utilize Drone Photography

It is becoming less realistic to stay competitive in the current real estate market without the use of aerial photography. Even if you are not selling a home with beachfront property, aerial photos provide potential buyers with a great feel for the neighborhood and surrounding parks and businesses before they ever visit the home. Collaborating with the homeowners and a professional drone photographer to acquire some stunning visuals can help you flip homes much quicker. 

Host a Webinar

Similar to blogging, hosted webinars are great outlets for agents to provide valuable current market information to local buyers and sellers. If you have the confidence to sit down in front of the camera for a while and talk about any kind of topic from home improvements to first time home-buying, you can put your name and face in front of more people and garner more business. When the webinar is over, the videos can be utilized on Youtube and added to your website. 

Ask For Referrals and Testimonials

Nearly half of all agents are found through referrals from friends and family. When you follow-up with clients, it is alright to shamelessly ask for a good review and future referrals. If we took the time to think, we could probably all find someone in our lives who is looking to buy or sell a home. The same goes for your clients. In addition, when people search for any product or service online, one of the first places they look is at the reviews section. Having some positive client experiences on the internet can help you win over potential leads.

Work With Homeward Real Estate

Interested in working with a real estate agency in Tampa? If you are looking for more comprehensive software to work with, better resources to build your website and market yourself, and professional training from experienced industry professionals, consider joining Homeward Real Estate. We are currently recruiting real estate agents- set up a confidential meeting today!