If you are just getting started as a real estate agent, finding new clients can feel like a shot in the dark. You might have great knowledge of the market and the skills and personality to help home buyers and sellers reach the price they want, but a short list of clients to actually work with. With few prior success stories to share, how do you get the ball rolling? 

These are some of the most common and effective ways to find new real estate business here in Florida. At Homeward Real Estate, we pride ourselves in providing agents with a variety of resources to build their network while generating and closing leads. If you are interested in working with an established brokerage that can offer many of the benefits listed below so that you don’t have to do it all on your own, reach out today

Work With a Coach

Although it may sound biased, getting expert advice from someone who has been in your shoes is a valuable first step and can be a great asset to have in your back pocket throughout your journey. Many celebrities and billionaires such as Leonardo DiCaprio and Oprah Winfrey have admitted that a secret weapon to their success has been using a life coach. While you may have friends or relatives who have gone before you in the real estate business, intentionally working with someone who can help train you and hold you accountable to reaching your goals gives you a step ahead. At Homeward Real Estate, we would be happy to discuss what this looks like. Send us an e-mail!


Over half of home sellers find the agent they will eventually work with through talking to someone they know. It will naturally take some time to get your first several referral clients, but they will expand exponentially if you can please a few clients in the start. If you are feeling confident after a sale, you can kindly express to the client in person or through a handwritten note that referrals are a large percentage of your business to get the wheels turning in their head about someone they know who might be looking to hire an agent. 


With the way the internet has impacted the way we do business, whether consumers are looking for a good place to eat lunch or a real estate agent to assist them in making the biggest financial transaction of their life, first-hand reviews are one of the first places they look. If simply reading what two or three people had to say about a restaurant can impact whether a first-time visitor chooses to go there or not, think about what reviews can do for agents. We can help you leverage the best places to post reviews and show potential home buyers the great things that your prior clients are saying about you. 

For Sale By Owners

Selling a home without the help of a realtor is often an attractive idea in the initial phase of the home-selling process, but after several weeks of few phone calls and home showings, homeowners may become more open to working with a professional agent. When realtors have the courage to take the time to listen and build trust with “for sale by owner” sellers, the sellers will often times turn to their help in navigating the market. 

Open Houses

As you are probably aware, many people on the house hunt will stop by open houses without having an agent. This is a great opportunity to show-off your knowledge and personality and potentially get some new business. If you are consistent with advertising open houses, posting signs, and greeting visitors with a smile on your face, you might be surprised at the number of new leads that can pour in. 


Despite all of the new lead generation technology that we offer to agents and is available elsewhere on the market, Craigslist can still be an easy starting point to generating a few free leads. If you aren’t careful, you can spend too much time sifting through the outdated platform that Craigslist is, but the leads it has generated for realtors in the past cannot be argued against. 


If you have some spare time, starting a blog is a great way to provide valuable insight into the real estate market in your local area and give yourself a personality before you ever speak to a potential lead. A blog page with posts spread out once every six months will lose credibility, but if you can stay on top of posting valuable content you can genuinely create new leads through this free channel. Just as we use blogs like this to give useful information and move traffic to our site, you can do with your listings or personal website. Feel free to brag about yourself a little!

Social Media

In this day and age social media could be included on any list of how to accomplish just about anything. When it comes to real estate agents, simply having a Facebook or Instagram business page that you consistently keep up-to-date can instantly boost your credibility. Posting something simple 2-3 times a month takes a very minimal amount of time out of your work schedule and is a free way to put your name in front of past and potential clients. You shouldn’t feel like you constantly need to sell yourself to people on the internet. Sometimes all it takes is a generic holiday post or humble reminder of your services for someone in your network to be reminded of your business and refer someone your way. 


LinkedIn is a form of social media that can help you target specific groups. There are thousands of LinkedIn groups in Florida alone, which allow you to search for a community of people such as “Tampa First Time Home Buyers” that fits your target market. From there you can network with real people, and these are also a great place to share some valuable blog posts that you may have written!

Say “Thank You” With Handwritten Notes

As we stated earlier, sending a simple handwritten note to your clients will always go a long way when it comes to building trust and relational equity. Remind them that you are available to answer any more questions that they may have moving forward. Some agents will take it a step further by including a gift card to a restaurant in the homeowner’s new town, or adding them to their Christmas card mailing list if they have worked with the client multiple times in the past. 

Meet New People

Even if you don’t consider yourself to have an extroverted personality, meeting and talking to people face-to-face is extremely valuable and one of the top ways to network in any industry. Whether you meet someone new at the gym, a coffee shop, or through volunteering, what you do for a living will always be one of the first questions that comes up in conversation. By repeatedly being a friendly person out in public, you might eventually generate one new lead, which can lead to many more leads down the road! Attending local events such as real estate conventions is also a good idea from time to time to learn something new and make a few connections.   

Contact Us

If you have used some of these lead generation techniques in the past and are looking for the resources to do more, Homeward Real Estate may be interested in partnering with you. We offer many benefits to our agents including access to the latest CRM technology and favorable commission splits. We want to see you generate new leads and succeed, and are here to hold you accountable in reaching your goals along the way. Contact us today.